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January 6, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments


After a couple days of relief, the bay area is expected to receive more still-needed rain this weekend.  With that in mind, we’ve come up with some ideas for things to do this first weekend of 2017:

Go to the movies.

The Golden Globe Awards are on Sunday and it’s always more fun to have people and films to root for.  La La Land is tops on my list of award-season fodder to view.  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are an irresistible duo and I have a soft spot for old-fashioned musicals.  Also on my to-see list are the inspiring true stories told in Hidden Figures and Loving.

Start the new year fresh.

The magical art of tidying may have reached its peak of trendiness last year (even Emily Gilmore took part!), but it’s still a good way to start the new year right, especially after bringing more things into your home after the holidays.  We’re going to start with taking down our holiday lights and storing those wonderful holiday cards.  Here’s to taking baby steps towards a de-cluttered new year!

embrace the rain.

We introduced our new(ish) dog, Gracie, to the snow over the holiday break.  She enjoyed cozying up inside, but didn’t take to walking in the snow (or the booties that we tried to get on her paws and ended up returning).  Since we don’t know if she’s ever been to the beach, I think it might be time to head over to Fort Funston for some canine social time and a brisk walk for us.  If we don’t get a break in the rain, I’ll try to embrace it in my new raincoat (it’s come in quite handy lately).


Image from the film La La Land courtesy of ComingSoon.net.

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