Unexpected Ways to Use Tile

October 27, 2016 by Ariana | 0 Comments

When it comes to shopping for tile, we are like kids in a candy store.  We simply can’t get enough.  Tile truly makes a room, so why limit it to bathrooms and kitchens?  We love the idea of using tile in unexpected ways and places…

Integrating tile with wood floors is both stunning and practical.  Placing the tile by a outside door or surrounding a bathtub helps maintain the hardwood, and cutting the wood planks to meet these hexagon tiles has a natural effect.  We also love the combination of wood and marble seen in these rooms.



Using tile to mimic an area rug.  Along the same lines as mixing flooring, here the tile installation has the effect of an area rug.  Again, it’s used in practical places like the foyer and by a fireplace.  Simply stunning.



Why should the walls in the kitchen have all the fun?  Tile is cleverly used to highlight the bar or island areas in these culinary retreats.  We especially love the use of encaustic tiles with a cement cascading counter (not to mention the pops of yellow) in the bottom kitchen.7d92b49d216dc508b80adc8e06661698


Turn those stairs into art by incorporating tile on the risers.  Mixing patterns in the same palette keeps the look fun, but not trendy.  Or let your imagination run free with a colorful combination of bold graphics.


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