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February 26, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Last summer we took our first trip to Seattle, which we found to be very similar to our beloved SF.  The city itself is beautiful, surrounded by mountains and water, and filled with charming neighborhoods.  We made sure to check out some major landmarks, like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market.  Our preferred activity was to explore different areas and get a feel for them.  One of our favorite places to stroll was Ballard Avenue, where we greatly enjoyed window shopping and dining.  There are so many great places to go and to eat (one of our favorite activities anywhere), here are just a few highlights:


En route to the Space Needle, we were distracted by the life-sized glass sculptures next door at Chihuly Garden and Glass.  The displays, in doors and out, were striking in their bold colors and shapes.  Even my (then) 7-year old son was in awe (though I admit he made me a bit nervous indoors).  Definitely worth a visit.

Since we were blessed with good weather during our trip, we spent a day at Olympic National Park enjoying the coast, the forrest and the views.

Everyone’s heard of Pike Place Market, but just around the corner is the lesser known landmark gum wall.  Of course, we purchased some bubble gum and contributed to the wall ourselves (but we made sure not to touch it!).


Photos courtesy of RevolvingDecor.com.


Great design is evident everywhere in Seattle and we found no shortage of inspiring shops to keep us busy.

Moorea Seal

This beautiful store best displayed what I considered the Seattle vibe.  Organic.  Well-designed.  Minimalistic.  Friendly.  We loved their delicate jewelry, small leather goods, and stationery, and took home some souvenirs.


Photo courtesy of www.mooreaseal.com


I can still conjure the scents of this beautiful store, which offered a variety of gifts for the home and your best girlfriend who appreciates feminine things.


Photo courtesy of www.luccagreatfinds.com


We love the display of ceramics, not to mention those pendant lights.


Photo courtesy of yelp.


Local 360

We stopped in Local 360 for a hearty lunch and left barely able to walk down the street to Moorea Seal.  Somehow we still made it, and we’d do it all again.


Sitting outside watching passerby’s on Ballard Avenue enjoying charcuterie, wine and cheese at Stoneburner.  A perfect way to end a day of shopping and sightseeing.

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

One block down from Stoneburner, hot cakes had me at it’s name.  The molten chocolate cakes are to die for.

Restaurant photos courtesy of linked restaurants.  Photo of hot cakes sign courtesy of RevolvingDecor.com.

My dear friend is moving to Seattle next month and I can’t wait to visit her and discover new finds in this lovely city.  Any suggestions?

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