Tripping: An Extra Day In Chicago

March 23, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

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My other half spends a fair amount of time traveling to the Windy City on business, and I have had a few trips there recently as well.  Those trips, however, are generally brief (see my post here).  I am rushing to meetings and then rushing to get home.  This time, we decided to spend an day exploring the city and found two delicious dining choices.


We started with lunch at Hampton Social.  I had a delicious seafood wedge salad and my husband ordered the lobster roll.  The food was excellent, and I can definitely get behind the “Rose All Day” motto.



Later that evening we had a delicious dinner at Boka restaurant.


With one Michelin star to its credit, the food at Boka did not disappoint.


In a city that is historically known for pizza and pubs, Boka demonstrates how sophisticated the cuisine has become.  We enjoyed the broccoli agnolotti, grilled octopus, scallops and short ribs.


In addition, the staff was amazing.  When we inquired about a few desserts on the menu, they brought us one that we had opted not to order just because they thought we should not miss it.  They were right.

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg in Chicago.  I can’t wait to explore the city’s other offerings during our next trips.


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