Tick Tock: Looking for a Stylish Clock

December 2, 2015 by Ariana | 1 Comment

After updating our master bathroom, I realized I’m always walking out to the bedroom to check the time.  This isn’t an ideal situation since I tend to wake up at the very last minute and need to get ready quickly.  The same goes with the kids.  They do not have a clock in their bathroom and I’m constantly urging them to hurry up.  An obvious solution is to place a clock in both rooms.  So, of course, I’m on the hunt for stylish clocks — something a bit more elegant for us, and fun for them.  I was happily surprised to find all of these great choices:


shopping list:

  1. Maple Table Clock
  2. Smirk Clock
  3. Birdhouse Clock
  4. Quatrefoil Clock
  5. Orange Retro Clock
  6. Green Retro Clock
  7. Sunflower Clock
  8. Wood Clock
  9. Red Schoolhouse Clock
  10. Ball Clock

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One thought on “Tick Tock: Looking for a Stylish Clock

  1. A bathroom clock is an awesome idea. But my bathroom might not be stylish enough for the super cute ones that you found!

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