Tahoe for Non-Skiers

February 2, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

It’s hard to believe that it’s already February!  For some families (including us) that means ski week, so we plan to head up to the mountains and enjoy the snow.  Since we hit the slopes fairly frequently, I’m not planning to ski every day.  So I’ve been thinking about alternative things to do in Tahoe while we’re up there.


cross-country skiing

After many refusals, last year I agreed to try cross-country skiing with some friends.  I really had no interest in it, it just seemed like work.  To my surprise, I had a great time.  As a beginner, cross-country skiing is easy to get the hang of, with a few tips.  We skied at Tahoe Donner’s Cross-Country Center (which doubles as it’s biking trails in the summer), which has trails of different levels and a cozy cafe and bar to return to after a nice day out. What I enjoyed most about this downtime from downhill skiing was the opportunity to talk with my friends, while taking in the gorgeous scenery and getting some exercise.  Not at all work.



Visiting a spa is one of my favorite things to do anywhere.  But the Spa at the Ritz-Carlton in Truckee is particularly lovely.  There’s just something about escaping from the cold into their heavenly scented, serene, and warm spa.  Their services are top-notch, as are their facilities, which include a sauna, steam room, and quiet room.  I’ve spent hours relaxing with a book by their indoor jacuzzi, but they also have an outdoor heated pool where you can take a dip while taking in views of Northstar.



A friend of ours recommended the Wanderlust Yoga Studio at Squaw Valley.  It has a range of yoga classes, so all types of yogis can find something that fits them (except for hot yoga, which it doesn’t offer).  I’m eyeing the Apres Ski Restorative class for my first visit.  After a full, or more likely half, day of skiing, I could definitely use a good stretch.

I’m planning to give these a try next time we head up to the mountains.  Do you have a favorite non-skiing activity to do in Tahoe?  Please share them in the comments.






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