Let There Be Light

Before the holidays, we replaced our dining table that could squeeze ten, with one that can comfortably sit twelve.  We enjoyed the extra arm room during Christmas dinner, but I noticed that the original chandelier hanging now about 5 feet away … Continue reading

Break It Down – Contemporary Dining Room

Image courtesy of Lonnymag.com  Dinner parties are one of my favorite ways to entertain.  I love the planning, the table-setting, and the cooking.  I like to plan ahead so that I can enjoy the evening and relax with friends over … Continue reading

Featured Item: Antique Banquette

  We are fortunate to have this gorgeous, antique banquette for sale on the website right now for $ 500.00. We know it can be difficult to figure out how to mix old pieces with more current items.  So, we decided … Continue reading

Break It Down: Elegant Dining Room

While I love dining out and trying new restaurants, it’s always fun to gather with friends for a more intimate dinner party at home.  Not only can you kick off your shoes and take your time, it’s much easier to catch up with … Continue reading