Summer Stripes

June 6, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Soho House Pool

Image courtesy of Soho House

In my opinion, nothing says summer like stripes.   I love a beautiful classic striped towel at the beach or pool.

Breton Striped Shirts | GOOP

Image courtesy of Goop.com

On a cool summer evening, I also love a long-sleeve striped boatneck shirt.  It is a quintessential French look that many iconic Americans have embraced.

I think that summer stripes are just as appropriate in the home as they are in summer clothing and accessories.  The best and most cost effective way to make seasonal changes to home decor is with throw pillows.  Stripes are great because they work well with most other patterns.  I find that mixing stripes with other floral throw pillows makes a room feel less feminine.  I also love mixing stripes with more formal fabrics to bring a more casual feel to a space.  I have been looking for striped pillows to add as accents to my office and guest room.  Here are some of my favorites so far.

Stinson Striped Lumbar Pillow

Stinson Lumbar Pillow

Afar Pillow

Afar Pillow 

Summer Stripes: Aashia Pillow | RevolvingDecor.com

Aashia Pillow

Summer Stripes: Reem Pillow | RevolvingDecor.com

Reem Pillow

Summer Stripes: Navy French Stripe Pillow | RevolvingDecor.com

Navy French Stripe Pillow

Summer Stripes: Striped Abstract Ocean Square | RevolvingDecor.com

Abstract Ocean Square Pillow

With all of these options, I am ready to get my house summer ready.  Bring on the stripes.


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