Summer Living: Outdoor Rugs

June 9, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

HGTV, porch

Image courtesy of HGTV.com

Living in San Francisco, I have to say, our outdoor space is an afterthought.  Add that to the fact that we are concentrating on a fairly extensive interior remodel and our outdoor space is barely a thought at all.  But then, every once in a while, we have a beautiful warm day and I wish that our outdoor space was more of an extension of our house.  I see photos, like the one above, and I get inspired to try to create an “outdoor room.”

the inspired room, backyard

Image courtesy of theinspiredroom.net.

One thing that seems to make these spaces into “outdoor rooms” is the use of a rug to create a unified space.  In the past, an outdoor rug has seemed impractical.  But, I think I am convinced by these photos that they are a key item for making yard or porch feel more like a room.

So now I am on the hunt.  Here are the outdoor rugs that have caught my eye recently.  Do you have a favorite or great resource?  Leave us a comment.

Dash and Albert

Dash & Albert Neutral Stars (also available in red and blue)

Couristan outdoor rug

Courtisan Recite Checkered Rug

Dash & Albert, outdoor rug Dash & Albert Elizabeth

Crate & Barrel, outdoor rug

Koen Grid Rug

West Elm, Outdoor rug

West Elm Scroll Rug

Safavieh, outdoor rug

Safavieh Indoor/Outdoor Courtyard Rug

Safavieh, outdoor rug Safavieh Chevron Rug

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