Summer Dreaming

February 26, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Image courtesy of etsy.com

After spending the last week on our ski week vacation, I can’t help but think about the next big break . . . summer vacation.  This spring I would like to spend some time planning a good summer trip.  Right now, I think that trip involves sleeping in and relaxing near the ocean (or a great pool).  As I daydream about our summer vacation I can’t help but think about an amazing space where I want to spend that time.  The rooms in the cottages below make me wish it was summer already.

Sarah Richardson Cottage

Image courtesy of Sarah Richardson

I love the living spaces in the images above and below.  Both would be the perfect places for coffee on a chilly morning.

Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

The view below would make cooking and clean up a much more beautiful experience than usual.

Tres Elise Lake Cottage kitchen

Image courtesy of Tres Elise

While eating outside is always my preference during the summer months, this space allows you to eat indoors while still being surrounded by nature.

House & Home Dining Room

Image courtesy of House & Home

And, I know my kids and their friends would sleep soundly in this perfectly appointed bunk room.

Cote Maison Bunk Room

Image courtesy of Cote Maison

All of my thinking about summer vacation has made me forget that it is still February.  Unfortunately we have a few more months before we’ll get to enjoy any substantial time in the sun.  But, until then, I can always dream.

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