Summer Craft Camp: Marbled Dishes

June 16, 2015 by Ariana | 1 Comment

Ever since becoming a mom, I’ve always wanted to have the summers off to spend with the kids.  So I’m very excited that this summer will be the first one as my own boss.  We’ve left half the summer blissfully unscheduled and there are so many things I want us to do.  Both my kids love to make things and requested a crafting camp at home — right up my alley!  I’ve been pinning and collecting ideas for years, and am looking forward to more free time to be creative with the kiddos.  And of course, we will blog about our favorite projects.  First off, these little marbled dishes from A Beautiful Mess.  Aren’t they beautiful, especially when collected?

The low-down:

  • DIY: marbled dishes
  • Source:  A Beautiful Mess
  • Cost: $25 for 6 dishes (with leftover clay)
  • Skill level: Somewhat crafty
  • Age level:  6 and up

The instructions are spot on and easy to follow.  One thing I would add is to pay attention to the baking ware you are using to shape your dish.  We tried a number of items that frankly, we weren’t sure were oven-safe.  The bake-it clay only had to cook for 15 minutes in 275 degrees (we used the toaster oven), so we took a chance and used small glass bowls and even a ceramic soy sauce dish to get the shapes we wanted.  They worked out fine, though microwave safe is not the same as oven safe.  We also used a gold leaf pen (rather than paint) to add the trim, which was a nice touch.  Lastly, though we liked the matte finish, I think a glaze would be nice to give it a more polished look.  Since we have leftover white clay, we’re going to pick up some more colors and make a few more!

IMG_3352 IMG_3353

Featured image from a Beautiful Mess.  Test images from RevolvingDecor.com.

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