June 4, 2015 by Ariana | 1 Comment

What is Scrap?  It’s like an indoor flea market for DIY-ers.  On a recent trip to drop off donations, I couldn’t resist browsing this industrial space filled with supplies, bits and pieces for practically anything and everything.  This is a place where you can bring a bin of plastic caps (which we did), old National Geographic magazines (also, check) and scraps of fabric, paper and miscellaneous items that can be made into something else.  Now, this is not the type of place where you bring a shopping list and expect to get what you need.  Come with an open, imaginative mind ready to explore.  I scored some new, hand silk-screened cards for 20 cents each.

Although filled with lots of random things, it is well-organized.  Take a peek:

Scrap is located in the Bayview district of San Francisco and also accepts donations.

Featured image from here; all other photos original to RevolvingDecor.com.

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