San Francisco Decorator Showcase

May 13, 2015 by Ariana | 1 Comment

If you haven’t seen the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, be sure to visit before it closes on May 25th.  This design show house event features the region’s top interior designers.  The funds raised support the financial aid program at University High School, here in San Francisco.  We look forward to this event every year, to explore the innovative ideas of these amazing designers and get inspired.  Take a look.

A lot of the rooms seem to embrace the “go big or go home” mentality, but we enjoyed some of the smaller, quieter vignettes just as much.  These work spaces would definitely get our creative juices flowing.



IMG_4621Though intended for the kids, we know a lot of adults who would appreciate the opportunity to sit down and make something in this space.


Although a feast for the eyes, a lot of the showcase is not what we would call practical.  One thing we noticed, however, is the very efficient use of wall space — innovative and utilitarian.  We especially loved this wall display in the guest powder room.


The tiled backdrop and open shelving is beautiful, yet functional in this family room adjacent to the kitchen.


A closet decorated as a Tiffany’s box —  okay, this may not be so practical, but we love it.


Eclectic objects add color and interest.  On the left, the art installment consists of painted spray cans that, from afar, resemble spools of thread.

The kids spaces are bright and inviting.  The combination of fuchsia and turquoise in the girl’s room (not to mention our favorite Madeline Weinrib prints) is one of our favorites.  The high-gloss paint treatment in the boy’s room is just cool.

Each bathroom complemented the kids’ bedrooms.  We absolutely love the “spilling” of tile from the shower in a swim-themed bathroom.  The lips wallpaper and gold tin backsplash in the little girl’s room scream glamour.

No opportunity to incorporate great design was missed.  We admired the lighting throughout, but these are the standouts in our opinion.  A brass pterodactyl chandelier (middle photo) over a pool table?  Absolutely.

One big impression we left with was that no detail was left unnoticed.  The wall and ceiling treatments, like this silver leafing (top right), were spectacular (though not always photogenic).  Everywhere we looked, we found inspiration.  We love the etched glass (bottom left) used for the kitchen backsplash and the brass gating (top left) over the pantry doors. And we’ve never seen prints on a sink (bottom right) before, but we sure do love it.


If you’re in the area, be sure to visit the Decorator Showcase in person!

All photos original to RevolvingDecor.com.

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