Our Story

Buy . . .  Sell . . . Revolve.


Over fifteen years ago, our life-long friendship was formed and with that, our collective enthusiasm for interior design. As we embarked on our professional careers, started families and decorated (and redecorated) our homes together, our interior design hobby blossomed into a full-fledged obsession.  We are constantly reimagining our spaces, restyling rooms, and are always on the hunt for items to repurpose.  As working moms, we spent many evenings searching online and had trouble finding a website that met our needs.


Thus came the idea for RevolvingDecor.com.  Design styles are constantly changing.  New trends emerge and old ones are refreshed.  RevolvingDecor.com is a virtual marketplace and design blog where people like us — and we know from all the blogs, design publications, and social media outlets that there are a lot of you — can sell or buy a great piece of furniture or art that no longer has a spot in their home, but would look fantastic in ours or someone else’s.


RevolvingDecor.com is meant to allow you to explore and enhance your (dare we say, revolving) style.  Whether you want to buy, sell, or simply browse – we hope you are inspired to let your space revolve.


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