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February 26, 2016 by Ariana | 0 Comments

We love to help readers with their design dilemmas (see here, here and here for previous posts).  Our latest reader just purchased a new home and wants to make a big impression in the foyer.  She reached out for ideas on how to decorate this large (46x54x8″) wall niche on the main wall in the entry way.


Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

Add Art.  This is the obvious choice, as the niche is even pre-lit to highlight a painting.  Here are some sources we like: Serena & Lily, 20×200, Lost Art Salon, and more

Black and White Photography and Vintage Cameras.  Photography is both striking and often, more affordable since you can find high-quality prints.  We would lean a framed black and white print against the wall and line up vintage cameras along the ledge to lend more character.  Try the local flea markets or etsy for vintage cameras.  This photo shows a similar look.


Mirror and Orchid.  An entryway is a great place for a mirror, so you can take a quick peek before you answer or head out your door.  Place a beautiful orchid in front of the mirror for a touch of color.  You can also add a small tray on the ledge to hold practical items, like keys, or more decorative accents, like candles.  We like these mirrors, all from Made Goods.

Decorative tile.  Make the niche a show-stopper with a beautiful tile mosaic.  There are so many options out there right now, these custom-made glass tiles from Ann Sacks are a favorite and sure to make a good first impression.  For added dimension, place a few white candles on the ledge — the lights will also reflect off the glass tiles in the evening.

This photo isn’t really what we had in mind, but you get the point.



Paint and sculpture.  Paint a contrasting color inside the niche and add an interesting sculpture.



We like this simple, but graceful one from Made Goods.


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