New Year’s Resolution Follow Up: Keeping It Clean

February 9, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments


You may recall that my New Year’s resolutions included tackling some of my more mundane home projects.  One of those tasks was to improve my laundry room.  The photo above, and a few others (here), provided some excellent inspiration.  Luckily, as part of our recent renovation, our current space has some great elements: farmhouse sink, mosaic backsplash, storage and drying bar.  Unfortunately, the room had become a bit of a dumping ground.  In addition to using it for laundry, the room had become the default space for homeless odds and ends.  See below.

Enough was enough.  It was time to clean out and organize the space. I have to say, I could not be more pleased with the results.  Now, rather than looking at a cluttered sink area, I can actually appreciate the backsplash, and I have all of the cleaning supplies I need at hand.


Getting organized also opened up space for extra supplies and refills.


I also love that the space above the washer and dryer can now serve its intended purpose; providing space for folding laundry.


Now that the space is clean and organized, I can really enjoy one of my favorite elements, the miniature chandelier.


The bottom line is that I should have done this months ago.  Better late than never, I guess.  Doing laundry has quickly become one of my favorite things.

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