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September 3, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments


Despite my more traditional or transitional leanings when it comes to decorating my own home, I have always loved modern art.  When it comes to capturing real or still life, my preference is for great photographs rather than artistic renderings.  For paintings, I am drawn to bold colors and interesting graphics.  One of my favorite pieces is this abstract painting from local artist, Megan Donnelly.  I visited her studio in Sausalito at the iconic ICB Studios (as a bonus, it is across from the original Heath Ceramics) and chose this piece when we remodeled our kitchen.  My son, who was seven at the time, commented that he could do the same thing.  I took him up on this offer, got him a blank canvas and some paint.  While we had fun with the challenge, he admitted that it wasn’t as easy as it looked.  Like a lot of things, when done well, it looks easy.  Even after having taught him that lesson, at times I still come across pieces that I think would be easy to replicate and am humbled on the oft chances that I try.  Good modern art just looks easy.

Here are some pieces that caught my eye:

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