Modern Comfort

September 25, 2018 by Ariana | 0 Comments

And just like that, it’s fall!

We know it’s been quiet on the site for awhile now and we appreciate and thank you for checking back in.  As usual, the end of summer snuck up on us and then the calendar was suddenly filled with start-of-school/work again.  While we’re getting back into the routine again, I wanted to start off with a pure design post.  I do a lot of thinking while driving, and I do a lot of driving these days … and the other day, was thinking how the modern looks of today have changed a lot from what may have been considered modern in the past.  Of course, what is “modern” will evolve over time, but the big difference in my mind is the focus on comfort.  Contemporary looks were typically sleek, minimal, and edgy — both in terms of looks and feel.  Sharp lines and harder materials, such as concrete and steel, don’t tend to lend themselves to comfort.  What’s great now is that modern can also be comfortable.  I was searching for a term for it and came up with, Modern Comfort.  Here’s what that looks like to me:

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