Modern Boy’s Rooms

August 11, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

My son has shown an interest in modern decor and even requested that his room be updated.  Since he will be starting middle school this year, we decided to get his input in transitioning his tween room.  When browsing for ideas, I noticed that boys rooms tended to be very thematic — sports, rockets, cars, and animals being the most popular — so it took some patience to find these inspirational rooms:






Each of these rooms shares the same design philosophy that I plan to bring to our update: the big pieces all work equally well for an adult’s bedroom.  Since we’re changing out his bunk beds and dresser set, I am choosing pieces that will last beyond his high school years and potentially into a future guest room (w-a-y down the road).  The youthfulness of the modern boy’s room comes from accessories and interesting wall decor.  We’re keeping the blue and orange rugby-like stripes that were painstakingly painted around the perimeter of his room, and his Lego collection will continue to be highlighted.  The light grey FLOR tiles maintain a neutral foundation.

After researching online and checking out pieces in person to narrow the options for him, we took my son shopping to make the final decisions.  We chose this grey upholstered bed from Living Spaces.  The clean lines and neutral color should stand the test of time.


Stay tuned for the rest . . .

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