Mix & Match Dining Table & Chairs

August 14, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Last year, we decided to replace our dining set with a 10-foot long table that would seat more family and friends together.  Although we are replacing our old matching set, we are keeping the upholstered arm chairs that I had added to it.  This makes finding chairs that will work with both a tad more challenging, since they need to work with both the new table and the new(ish) chairs.  I don’t feel compelled to make them match; in fact, I’ve been loving the look of not mixing and matching.  I’m drawing inspiration from rooms like these:






While mixing and matching seems easy, it decidedly is not.  I need to make sure the elements still complement each other.  So our new table has clean, modern lines but in an espresso wood finish that works with the existing Asian wood pieces like our vintage bar and custom dining cabinet.  I’m pairing upholstered side chairs with brass legs in a traditional solid that will complement the arm chairs we are keeping, and tie in with the brass chandelier and touches of pale gold in the wallpaper panels.  Sounds like a lot going on, right?  It is, and so this project has taken longer than I would have liked and I’m motivated to get it done well before the holidays.

Stay tuned!

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