Looks We Love: The Element of Symmetry

February 29, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

2016 02 28 living etc

Image courtesy of Living etc. Magazine, February 2016

This weekend, I was enjoying a leisurely latte and perusing a stack of design magazines that had piled up when the photo above struck me.  There is something about the photo that drew me in; I wanted to BE in that room, enjoying my latte in the garden, or having a lingering dinner at the table.  As I was looking at the photo I spent some time trying to figure out what I liked so much about it.  I realized it was the symmetry.

Symmetry is a fundamental element of design.  For me, it is critical.  When used well, it creates order and tranquility.  In my opinion, everything in your home does not need to be symmetrical.  If symmetry is used in every space it starts to feel sterile and lacking in personality.  But, when used judiciously in a space, it creates order and gives your eyes a place to rest.

There are certain rooms where I really love to use symmetry.  I think it is particularly important in the foyer, bedroom, and living room.


I love symmetry in a foyer.  This is the first space you see when you enter a home and sets a tone of calm and serenity.  I want my guests to enter my home and feel like they can relax and be comfortable.  I find that if my eyes can relax, I can too.  This foyer makes me want to come in and stay a while.  I love the symmetry of the foyer in general, but also the symmetry on each side (notice the reflection in the mirror).

2016 02 28 house of turquoise 1

Image courtesy of houseofturqouise.com

2016 02 28 houseofturquoise

Image courtesy of houseofturquoise.com


I like symmetry in my bedroom for the same reason I like it in the foyer.  When I walk into my bedroom, I want to feel like I have entered a serene retreat.  The room below is not my first choice of color schemes, but it still makes me want to relax, unwind, and curl up with a good book.

2016 02 28 lonny mag

Image courtesy of Lonny Magazine.

Living Room

Obviously I like that symmetry creates serenity and calm.  I also think it can create a sense of formality, which is something I like to have in my living room.  If you have enough space, I love the overall symmetry that is created in a living room when two large sofas face each other.

2016 02 28 amber interior design

Image courtesy of amberinteriordesign.com

When space is at a premium, consider creating symmetry with an individual piece.  Here, the designer created symmetry without being too “matchy-matchy.”  Even though the side tables are different using the same lamps on each side of the sofa unifies the space and creates order for your eye.

2016 02 28 living room dpages com

Image courtesy of blog.thedpages.com


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