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Outdoor room

Image courtesy of Sunset.com

The beautiful spring weather we have been having has inspired me to think about my outdoor space (or lack thereof).  In San Francisco, you have to make use of every inch of outdoor space that is available to you.  My yard is tiny (approximately 500 square feet), so my goals are simple.  I am striving to create a low-maintenance outdoor room where I can lounge with the kids, grow something green, and keep a nice barbecue.  These are the spaces that are inspiring me right now.

Outdoor room, zillow

Image courtesy of Zillow.com

One thing that is very important to me when I think about outdoor room is flow from the house to the garden.  I love these accordion glass doors that turn the garden living space into an indoor/outdoor room.

outdoor space

Image courtesy of Houzz.com

One thing to think about in the garden is the flooring and I love this photo because it shows two types in one garden space.  The redwood deck tiles are a popular choice; I am always drawn to the clean lines and natural aging.  The lower level’s gray tile would be ideal if the adjacent room has a similar colored flooring.

outdoor room

Image courtesy of Houzz.com

outdoor room Image courtesy of Sunset.comoutdoor roomImage courtesy of Gardeningle.com

Gardens with a water or fire feature always feel more finished to me.  In San Francisco, where the temperature can dip into the 50s during any month of the year, fire makes more sense to me.  Any of the above options would do nicely.

Outdoor roomImage courtesy of Houzz.com

outdoor roomImage courtesy of houzz.com

Last but not least, I would like to have at least a little green in my outdoor room.  It is a “garden,” after all.  Without a lot of square footage to work with, I’m thinking more and more about a vertical garden.  My thumb is practically brown, so I would probably choose the option with fewer plants, but for those of you who are more horticulturally inclined, the second vertical garden is simply gorgeous!


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