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June 17, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

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As we are preparing to begin our kitchen remodel, I find myself drawn toward the idea of open shelving.  Most likely not in place of all upper cabinets, but I would like to use open shelves someplace in the kitchen.  Rationally, I know this may not be the best idea for a real, live family.  Our kitchen is not always beautifully styled and clutter-free.  Far from it, in fact.  I have two small children which means plastic “Thomas the Train” bowls and brightly colored plastic cups.  But, with a combination of open shelving and some solid door upper cabinets, I am hoping to achieve the the open look that I love while maintaining some hiding places for unsightly necessities.

For me, one challenge of this look is avoiding a “country” feel.  Our style tends to be more transitional than country cottage.  So, while I love the color scheme below, the shelves hanging from the ceiling are not quite to my taste.

Southern Living, kitchens

Image courtesy of SouthernLiving.com 

Again, I love the color scheme below, but these hanging glass shelves feel a little too industrial to me.

Lonny, kitchen

Image courtesy of Lonny.com 

After reviewing many, many examples of open shelving I have determined that I prefer “floating” shelves to any sort of bracket.  One risk, however, is creating a kitchen that feels too modern for our home.  The photo below is gorgeous but a little too sleek for a home built in 1929.

Domainehome, kitchen

Image courtesy of DomaineHome.com

The two images below are as close as I have come to finding the right style of shelves for our space.  If only they were painted in the same color scheme as the photo from Southern Living, above . . . I think that would be just right.

RD - Open shelves remodelista 2

Image courtesy of Remodelista.com

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Image courtesy of dougelissa.blogspot.ca


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