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September 18, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

We have noticed that we look at certain blogs EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not surprisingly, our favorites are style, decor and fashion-based.  Some of the sites are aspirational while others offer practical solutions that are easily within reach.  One thing all of these sites have in common is that they are beautiful to look at.  While we tend to look at many, many more than just the sites highlighted below, these sites are consistently worth looking at (in our humble opinion).

Keep It Chic


Image courtesy of KeepItChic.com

Keepitchic.com is run by Preston Davis, who after spending 20 years casting models for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and fashion shows, started KiC to share her thoughts on fashion and style.  We are glad she did because we love her thoughts on fashion and style.  Everything she posts is gorgeous and right on target.  We see things on her site three months before they are “discovered” by the masses.  If you want to feel like you are on top of the fashion world, you would be smart to Keep it Chic with Preston Davis.

Le Catch


image courtesy of LeCatch.com

LeCatch is the brainchild of Marlien Rentmeester, a former Condé Nast fashion editor originally from New York City and living in Los Angeles.  The idea of the site is to mix high-end and low-end pieces to create uniquely stylish outfits.  The best part is that Marlien provides links to the pieces that are featured.  Our only advice is to check in early; her recommendations sell out almost immediately.



Image courtesy of Apartment34.com

Apartment 34 founder Erin Hiemstra is a “décor enthusiast, fashionista and general lover of the details that make life lovely.”  Based in San Francisco, her site features unique home decor and styling ideas that are inspiring yet attainable.  She has drawn us into her life with her “new” home renovation and tales of motherhood and her interesting posts keep us coming back for more.

Waiting On Martha


Image courtesy of WaitingOnMartha.com

We love the eclectic style of Mandy Kellogg Rye.  Based in Atlanta, WOM offers design, lifestyle, and fashion advice that is a little bit southern, a little bit edgy.  I can always count on WOM for pieces that I don’t see elsewhere.  And, even when I have seen them before, she is able to put a unique spin on them.

Camille Styles

Camille Styles 2

Image courtesy of CamilleStyles.com

Perhaps because she is based in Austin, Camille Styles’ site has a rustic but refined feel.  Her site is a clearinghouse of design, lifestyle, food and fashion.  Somehow, her posts seem to transcend geography and style.  We go to Camille Styles for holiday ideas, decor, fashion advice, party-planning and recipes, and we are never let down.

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