Items We Love: Because We’re All About That Base

February 9, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

2016 02 08 Dining legs

Something about this photo got me thinking about chairs – and more specifically – chairs’ legs.  I’ll admit that the chairs in the photo above aren’t really anything spectacular.  Metal frame with leather seat and back; nice, but a little too expected.  I’ve seen a dozen similar photos this week and there is nothing particularly creative about this one (or any of them).    Despite the fact that I had seen it before, there was something about this image that stood out. Then I realized that it was something very simple; the metal bases of the table and chairs are black, not silver.  This very small change to the color of the metal on an otherwise mundane chair made me look at the image in a whole new light.  And, it got me thinking about the possibilities that metal chair bases offer.

There are a couple things about metal chair bases that are appealing to me.  First, the strength of the metal allows for a slimmer, more discrete line that can almost disappear in the right circumstances.  Second, the use of metal also allows the designer to add a touch of shine and sparkle.

The slim navy chair, below, combines the best of both worlds.  Visually, the base of the chair takes up virtually no space.  And, the brass finish of the legs adds just a bit of the pizzaz to what is otherwise a pretty mundane chair.

As I think about it, I would like to find a subtle way to dress up our space and choosing chairs with a metal bases in the kitchen or office provides the perfect opportunity to do it.   Here are some of my favorite choices.


What do you think?  Are you all about the base, too?


  1. Slim Navy Chair
  2. Eames Molded Plastic Chair
  3. Whitworth Barstool
  4. RH Vintage Barstool
  5. Flint Gold Barstools
  6. Nelson Swag Leg Chair
  7. Roar + Rabbit armchair
  8. Lucy Chair

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