IT Item: Gray Malin Photography

October 19, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

It never takes long for me to come up with an “it” item to write about.  That’s how I know it is the right item.  I’ve seen Gray Malin’s photography over the past years.  There is something about the scale and color of his prints that distinguish them from other photographs of familiar beach scenes.  His eye captures the vibrance of the locations he chooses to memorialize in film.  And the results can be seen below.  Gray Malin’s photography is the first thing I notice.

Even if his prints are outside your budget, you can still bring Gray Malin’s photography into your home in his latest book, Escape.  Stack it on your coffee table, nightstand or console table for a stylish touch (click here for inspiration).

Click on photos for sources.

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