In the Works: Pinning My Dream Kitchen

November 20, 2014 by Ariana | 1 Comment

Admittedly, I’m not that big on social media. I’m not on Facebook. I don’t really tweet. But I am addicted to Pinterest. No more magazine clippings scattered around the house, no more draft emails with saved links (my sad version of updated magazine clippings)! Now all my internet browsing is organized and archived. And even though I still love leafing through my magazines, if I want to save something, I will typically find it on the internet and pin it.

So when it finally came time to sit down with my designer at inSite Design, to discuss the kitchen remodel, I was ready. I had been collecting ideas in my head for years, and was finally able to create an inspiration board where these images were readily available to share.

After walking throughout the physical layout and discussing how we wanted the space to work, it was time to get down to the best part (for me) – the design. I showed Lauren my pinterest board, where I had pinned dozens of images of inspiring rooms with the look we wanted, similar layouts, specific cabinetry and architectural details. The board also had pins of our starting point, that Ann Sacks tile, other tile, lighting, fabric, even pillows and glassware. All I had to do was send Lauren a link to my board and we were on the same page. The result: my dream kitchen!


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