In the Works: Master Bedroom

January 19, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Home Goods and West Elm Vases

In the past, my bedroom has served as a dumping ground.  Clothes that the kids out grew were stored in boxes, candles that didn’t work somewhere else in the house found a home on my dresser, and all the magazines that I have been meaning to read were piled on my bedside table.  While it was somewhat organized and functional, it was not the serene hotel-like experience that I craved.  When we moved into our current house, it seemed like perfect opportunity to change my ways.  I decided that it was time to take control of my master bedroom.

Bedroom Built-In

While we have been good about keeping the space uncluttered, it is not finished.  One big stumbling block was how to accessorize the wall above our built-in dresser.  As you can see above, it has a television as the focal point (obviously not my idea).  My goal was to find a way to take some of the focus away from the television.

I did not want to spend a lot of time and money on this project.  So, my first step in the process was to hunt around for wall decor and other accessories that we already owned.  Luckily we had some wedding photos and a mirror that would work well.  Unfortunately, the photos I had did not create a symmetrical display.  Thankfully, I was able to disguise the gap with a houseplant.

Built in display

To balance the left side, I found some great vases on sale at Home Goods and West Elm.  After that, it was simply a matter of filling in the space.  A bowl to catch keys and trinkets, a space for the books we are reading, a jewelry box, a few of my favorite coffee table books, and tray with a candle and bud vase filled the area nicely.

For less than $200 and some creative recycling, I was able to complete the space.  Now all I need to do is finish the rest of the room.  Stay tuned for the final product.



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