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October 9, 2014 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Food I love.  Cooking not so much.  Until recently, that is.  For more years than I wish to reveal, the planning and execution of preparing a meal had always been a chore.  Part of my distaste (pun intended) for cooking can be attributed to my kitchens.  In my adulthood (not including college years), I have cooked in three kitchens.  The first had the ugliest linoleum I had ever seen, which simply never looked clean — no matter how many buckets upon buckets of bleach were thrown upon it.  The second had basic white square tiles throughout, which would not be offensive but for the dark brown grout!  The third kitchen in which I’ve regularly cooked was a small galley kitchen with blush-colored cabinets, dark grey with hints of rose granite counters, and beige appliances — a late 80’s nightmare (which sadly was remodeled in the mid-90’s)!  Recently, we decided to take the plunge and remodel our kitchen, after all, it’s often said to be the most important room in the house.  But since I don’t cook, it didn’t seem to matter as much.  I was wrong.  Turning the kitchen that I have been slowly remodeling in my head over the years into a reality has been a complete inspiration!  Within a month, I’ve sauteed scallops, perfected a roast chicken, baked a fruit crisp, made soup from scratch!  If you knew me, you would understand what a complete turn-around this is.  And I owe it all to my new kitchen.  I turn on some music, pour a glass of wine and I am happy to cook!  Revolving home decor can truly be inspiring!

More to come on the inspiring renovation itself, for now, here are some favorite new recipes:

  1. Herb crusted chicken with kale and pan-dripping croutons
  2. Soy-braised short ribs with sugar pea snaps
  3. Chile verde
  4. Mijita’s albondigas soup

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