How to Mix Prints

April 15, 2015 by Ariana | 3 Comments

Prints can be intimidating.  Like most things in design, there’s no right or wrong way to mix them.  But for those who want to add some pattern to your decor but don’t know how, this post is for you.

Let’s start with the basics.  One way to combine is to play with scale by mixing small, medium and large-sized patterns in the same color way.  This anything-but-basic black and white mix illustrates how easy this is, especially when using the brilliant prints of Madeline Weinrib, which we do here.  Another way to mix things up is to vary the shapes, as with the grey and cream variation below.  Although similar in scale, the circular, chevron and curvy patterns provide enough contrast.


Now that we’ve covered two-tone prints, we’re ready to move onto a multi-color pattern.  This taupe and smokey blue print in the center is our focal point.  We chose subtle patterns of varying shape and size in both hues to bring it all together.


We love the combination of cerulean blue and hot print right now.  It seems especially fresh for spring.  This floral print is super sweet, but not childlike when mixed with these bold graphics.  The last combination pairs our favorite — blue and white — and also varies pattern, size, and shape in the same indigo hue.


All of these fabrics are from Madeline Weinrib, one of our favorites.  If you’re in the bay area, be sure to check out their sample sale at the SF Design Center from April 23-26.  You might just see us there!

Fabric images from www.madelineweinrib.com; combinations are our own.


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