Hermes Collaboration with Nigel Peake

March 29, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

All images courtesy of Architectural Digest

Every once in a when I am flipping through a magazine (yes, I still buy magazines in hard copy) I will find something that really speaks to me.  It most recently happened when I was perusing the April 2018 Architectural Digest.  This month the “Discoveries” section includes a profile of Nigel Peake’s tableware collaboration with Hermes.  The collection is stunning.  It is geometric but somehow also floral and the color palette, orange and blue, is perfection.  I had to look at the pieces immediately on-line.  Obviously anything by Hermes is not going to be inexpensive.  But, for purposes of inspiration, I don’t really care if the item is out of my reach.   I simply love finding pieces that really inspire me.   Here are the pieces, for your viewing pleasure.

Hermes "Garden" Plate | RevolvingDecor.com

Hermes "Garden" Tea Pot | RevolvingDecor.com

Hermes "Garden" Bowl | RevolvingDecor.com

Hermes "Garden" Mug | RevolvingDecor.com


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