Featured Item: Erle Loran Original Painting

January 27, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Our featured item is an original Erle Loran abstract watercolor.  Not being familiar with Mr. Loran’s works ourselves, we did a little research.

Born in Minnesota in 1905, Loran studied under Cameron Booth at the Minneapolis School Of Art.  After graduating, he spent four years living in Europe in the studio of artist Paul Cézanne, whom he had always admired.  Loran moved to California and taught at UC Berkeley, where he became an Emeritus Professor, until 1973.  He passed away in  1999.  You can read about the artist here and see his works at the SF MOMA.

We love the bright watercolors and the timeless appeal of Loran’s abstract watercolors.    Here’s how we would highlight his paintings today.  We would pair it will organic pieces like a reclaimed wood console table, woven baskets for storage, a low-maintenance (and trendy) fiddle fig leaf plant to let the focus be on the painting.  We’d add just a few touches to bring out some of the accent colors, like this mandarin orange garden stool and gold candle holder.


Want to see more?  Check out another ad for original Erle Loran art here.

Shopping List:

  1. Erle Loran Original Painting
  2. Garden Stool
  3. Reclaimed Wood Console Table
  4. Seagrass Basket Set
  5. Votive Holder
  6. Fiddle Fig Leaf Plant (that doesn’t require watering!)


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