What do I do after I have sold an item?

Congratulations!  Once you have successfully listed and sold your item, please log in and remove your ad under MY ADS.

I can’t upload my photos to create an ad, can you help?

If you are having trouble uploading an image, the file may be too large.  Please check the file size.  Our servers can handle photos up to 1 MB.  On an iPhone, for example, a medium-size image typically works best, while … Continue reading

Do you receive a commission for my sale?

No. The idea behind RevolvingDecor.com is to provide a virtual marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. Since sales take place directly between the buyer and seller, RevolvingDecor.com does not receive any commission. We do accept thank you emails!

How long is an item posted?

Length of posting will depend on the current inventory. The maximum time an item will be posted is four weeks, we like to give our visitors new inventory to peruse.