Fancy a Cocktail? Our Favorite Bar Carts

November 5, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Nothing says party like a good bar cart.  With the holidays coming up, I have been thinking more about entertaining and how to make my home more guest-friendly.  In my opinion, having a good bar set up is critical to being a good host

There are a few key components to finding the right bar cart.  On top of my list are handles and wheels for easily positioning the bar in the most opportune place for a particular occasion.  Secondarily, of course, the cart will need shelves with rails (so nothing falls off when you use the wheels, of course).  Last, but not least, the cart should be beautiful.  Here are a few of my favorite choices.

Society Social Bar Cart

Mrs. Lilien Bar Cart

Crate & Barrel Libations Bar Cart

Libations Bar Cart  
Bar Cart WE Terrance

Terrance Bar Cart

Society Social Holloway Bar Cart

Holloway Bar Cart

West Elm Valet Bar Cart

Valet Bar Cart 

Threshold Bar Cart

Threshold Bar Cart

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