Eating in Style: A’ina

December 19, 2016 by Ariana | 0 Comments


Since we don’t get to visit Hawaii as often as we’d like, I take every opportunity to experience a little aloha at home. ‘Aina is a modern Hawaiian eatery located on a busy corner in Dogpatch (another RD fave, Piccino, is kitty-corner). Although it wasn’t on my radar until recently, I must be behind because even on a quiet Wednesday morning, ‘Aina had a good crowd of folks ready to enjoy a hearty brunch.

And hearty it is!  Along with the breakfast potatoes, seasoned with furikake and aioli, our party tried the short ribs, chicken katsu, pork belly and spring trout salad.  While we enjoyed every dish, the chicken katsu was the unanimous favorite.  ‘Aina’s homemade and deconstructed spam musubi also should not be missed.  Unfortunately, we dug in before I was able to snap a photo but trust me, it’s a must order.  Last but not least, I was excited to find malasadas in San Francisco.  ‘Aina’s malasadas (filled with guava) are made in-house and can be reserved by the dozen 24-hours in advance, or enjoyed at the table.  Naturally, we did both.

Brunch was delicious and I can’t wait to return to try their dinner menu soon!

Photos original to RevolvingDecor.

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