E-Design: Outdoor Living

May 31, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

One of the wonderful aspects of our new e-design series home is the outdoor living space.   There is a large area for lounging outside the great room – large enough to include an outdoor fireplace.  Like the great room, this is a space where the family can lounge together and entertain.  Our priorities for this space included:


  • Ample, comfortable seating
  • Hard services for placing food that could be easily wiped down
  • Lighting for evening get-togethers
  • Some softening elements

Floorplan/Layout:  Because seating is a priority, we sourced two large outdoor sofas for the space.  For flexible seating, we added a bench between the sofas.  A long narrow coffee table and two side tables, both in easily cleanable materials, provide ample space for food and beverages.  Finally, a stylish outdoor area rug defines the space.


Decorating Elements:  In keeping with our design scheme, we stuck with neutrals and cleaner lines for the larger pieces.  We decided to use upholstered pieces and an area rug to soften the space.   We also wanted to add a bit of drama so we included oversized light fixtures and a bit more color than we have used indoors.  The chartreuse green stays within the natural colors of the outdoors, but also adds a fun pop of color.


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