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July 25, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms.  It is a space for entertaining and for lingering with friends.  There are a few things I consider when designing a dining room.  First, the use of the space.  For the majority of us, the dining room is a space we primarily use in the evening.  Second, it is typically an adult space.  I don’t worry as much about having surfaces that wipe up easily or rugs that can take a beating because little fingers and toes typically stay in the kitchen.  All of these factors make the dining room a great space to take a few more risks.  I like to make the room a little more dramatic and moody than I might make the rest of the home.

Dining Room Home Design Etc

Image courtesy of Home Design Etc.

wearehuntly com au

Image courtesy of wearehuntly.com.au


The space in this home is a blank canvas.  It is off the entry, but not a room that you need to pass through to get to the rest of the home.  So, while I would like dining room to reflect the general aesthetic of the rest of the home, it does not need to be a room that transitions well into another space.  Of course we will utilize the same look that we have used everywhere else (clean lines and natural elements), but I would also like the space to make a bit of a statement.  Darker colors, more plush fabrics, and metallic elements do the trick nicely.  The pieces below – the dark paint, velvet chairs and natural brass complete the look.


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