Design Dilemma: Blank Space

March 16, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

When we overhauled our home office, I was excited about a big blank space on the wall. So many ideas, I couldn’t decide.  And so it remained empty . . . for way too long.


In recent trips, I’ve taken more scenic or instagram-worthy photos, but tend not to print them because they don’t capture any people.  When I came across Artifact Uprising’s Square Photo Prints, which are reminiscent of old-school polaroids, the ideas starting coming.  The set includes 25 bordered prints (I chose the 5×5″ size), so the hard part was selecting which photos best captured our experiences.  I looked for variety in subject matter, scenery, and place.  I also sprinkled in a few of the family or kids.

Now came how to display them.  Artifact Uprising sells this cute wood block print set, so you can change the photo being displayed.  But I decided I wanted to display them in a 5×5 grid — five rows with five photos each.  I considered different ways to hang them — one big frame, individual frames, a wood panel, individual panels, etc.  Eventually, I settled on a 36-inch white canvas.  It saves me the hassle of painting a wood panel, is lighter to hang on our plaster walls, and is economical.  Using Mod Podge and a yard stick, this project was quite easy.  Not only does it solve my blank space dilemma, I am reminded of these cherished moments on a daily basis.

Here are the steps:

The first step required some math (which I actually did in advance to settle on the 36″ square canvas).  After plotting out the specific spacing on the canvas, I had to plot out the order of the images.  This took some re-arranging to get the variety I sought.  A key step was to label the prints by column and row (A1-5, B1-5, etc.) after I finalized the arrangement.

This ruler (borrowed from my mom) made the project super easy.  Not only does it have an edge to stay straight against the end of the canvas, it allowed me to see the measurements on all sides and easily lay out and adhere the prints — all in less than half an hour.

Here’s the final result.  Because our walls are a super pale grey, I’m thinking of painting the sides of the canvas to add some contrast.  But for now, I’m pleased to have these daily reminders of our trips and no more blank space.

All photos original to Revolving Decor.


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