Cutest Party Store Ever: Pippa & Co

September 15, 2015 by Ariana | 0 Comments


We’re not exaggerating.  Pippa & Co is the cutest party store ever.  And we mean ever.  We gushed (embarrassingly so) over every single item in the store.  It was just that damn cute.  Who would have thought we could get so happy about disposable cutlery?  But we did.  Striped and dip-dyed recycled wood party utensils got us excited and inspired for a future DIY.  We were ooh-ing and ah-ing over paper plates, straws and the usually mundane party supplies.  Every item in Pippa & Co is worthy of planning a party around.  In fact, we want to throw a party just to have a reason to buy up some supplies!  And as if you need another excuse to visit, they hold workshops at the store too. Check out the pics.

This styling is just perfection.

This party ware is so cute, though it’s disposable, you’ll want to keep and reuse it.  We love the gold accented paper goods and cutlery.

Cute gifts and decor are also on display, check out the dip-dyed yarn tassels.

These handmade wood tags and tissue garlands have our creative juices flowing.

It took us awhile to get ourselves across the bay to Alameda, but boy was it worth the trip!  In addition to Pippa & Co, we discovered a host of other cute, original stores, which we will profile in an upcoming Neighborhood Watch.  We are so enamored with Pippa & Co, we think it deserves its own post.  Don’t you agree?

All photos original to RevolvingDecor.com.  

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