Corralling Cold Weather Gear

December 15, 2016 by Melissa | 1 Comment


Image courtesy of Magnolia Market

With the weather turning colder and wetter, I notice that it is becoming more difficult to corral our winter weather gear.  Rain boots seem to clutter our entryway as little people take them off on their way in the door.  I have noticed the same phenomenon occurs with snow boots when we spend weekends in Lake Tahoe in the winter.  I would hazard a guess that the problem is exponentially worse if you live in a snowy area full-time.

One great solution is a boot tray.  They are relatively inexpensive, keep the boots upright and out of the way, and protect your floors from the wetness that is inevitably being tracked in.  Even better, they are easy to move out to the garage when the weather turns warm again.  Here are my four favorite choices.


Zinc Boot Tray


Copper Boot Tray


Embossed Metal Boot Tray


Embossed Copper Boot Tray

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