Construction Update – Things Are Taking Shape

November 17, 2015 by Melissa | 0 Comments

For those of you who follow our blog, you know that we are in the second stage of a two-stage renovation of our home.  Stage one involved renovating the garage floor of our home – adding a garden room and bathroom, remodeling our guest room and bathroom, and adding a laundry room and wine “cellar.”  Stage one is complete and our family of four is living in those two rooms: one is a kitchen/family room/master bedroom and the other is an home office/kids bedroom.  We have been living in close quarters so we are more than ready to get back into the rest of our house.  And, we are finally at the point where the new spaces are starting to take shape.  The walls are framed, the rough-in plumbing is going in, and the wiring and lights are being put in place.  It may not look like much, but here is where things stand.

While we are not creating an open concept home, he have tried to open up the space a bit.  In our prior configuration, we had a kitchen that was fully contained with only a small door to the adjacent breakfast room.  We have removed the wall between the kitchen and breakfast room to create a more contiguous space.  We are also taking down part of the wall between the breakfast room and the stairway to create a more open feel.

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The old master bathroom was a single pedestal sink, small shower the size of a telephone booth, ancient bathtub, and toilet.  Two people could not stand in the bathroom at the same time, which is a problem when a master bathroom is shared by two people.  The best part was the requisite 1920’s light pink tile on every surface except the ceiling.  The new design has a double vanity, large steam shower, and freestanding bathtub.  We are hoping for a zen-like oasis with a little bit of sparkle.  We cannot wait.  Here is where things currently stand.


Stay tuned for more updates.  Mood boards to follow.

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