Color Theory

July 19, 2016 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Everywhere I look, I see clean lines.  Whites, grays and other neutrals.  It seems like a designer is getting really adventurous when they punctuate their decor with black accent pieces.  Don’t get me wrong, I love clean lines.  I love a neutral palette with clean and uncluttered spaces.  We live in a complicated, hectic world and when I get home I like to relax and unwind.  There is no doubt that a gorgeous neutral space can make your home feel like a sanctuary.

My one complaint about all of these clean lines and neutral spaces is that I LOVE color and pattern.  And, I think other people do too.  The right color combination can bring a smile to your face and get your creative juices flowing.  I can’t help wondering when we will start to see color and pattern move back into these beautiful neutral spaces.  We have already starting to see it in flooring.

Tile DesignSponge

Image courtesy of DesignSponge

bathroom em henderson

Image courtesy of StyleByEmilyHenderson

Bathroom Style Me Pretty

Image courtesy of Style Me Pretty

While the colors of the cement tiles above are relatively neutral, the patterns certainly are not.  It makes me wonder what is next?  What is the next step on the garden path of neutralism?  Perhaps one of the contemporary looks below?  Each image is a beautiful example of how to combine the neutrals that we all love with pops of color.

Color - brit co

Image courtesy of Brit.co

Color - Elle Decor

Image courtesy of Elle Decor

If you are willing to get a little more adventurous with your next steps on the path, one of these more bohemian looks might be the way to go.

Color - Stylebyemilyhenderson

Image courtesy of StyleByEmilyHenderson

Color - BHG

Image courtesy of BHG.com

I don’t think my (or anyone else’s) love of neutrals is going to end any time soon.  But, when I think about the trends that might be around the corner, I have to think there will be more color and pattern headed our way.  What do you think?  Are you ready to let a little more color into your life?

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