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These Shoes Were Made For Walking

June 7, 2018 by Ariana | 0 Comments

It seems like every summer I am on the hunt for cute shoes that I can walk in for hours in hot weather.  This is a first world problem, to be sure, but still one that has no obvious solution.  … Continue reading

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New Find: Bells & Becks

May 7, 2018 by Ariana | 0 Comments

We love this new find so much that we thought of keeping it to ourselves, but Bells & Becks is too good not to share.  Curated in San Francisco and hand-made in Italy, their designs are made for the modern … Continue reading

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My Favorite Flat Sandals For Spring

March 20, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Image courtesy of I love the look of a beautiful, classic, flat leather sandal.  Some of my favorite style icons have worn them glamorously over the years.  I think it is a look that never goes out of style … Continue reading

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Clutch Time

January 18, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

Now that the holidays are a few weeks behind us, evening bags are not at the top — or even on — anyone’s shopping lists.  But, having looked for formal attire and accessories in the spring, let me tell you — now … Continue reading

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Work It

January 9, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments

While Melissa is making the most of her work commute, I have grown to love hot yoga and am dragging myself back to barre classes this year.  For years, I gave no thought to what I wore to exercise.  But as … Continue reading

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