Break It Down: Spring Living Room

March 6, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Lark and Linen

Image courtesy of studio-mcgee.com

I found this image on a blog I look at occasionally and it really captured my attention.  I love the feel – classic with modern touches.  It also does a great job of appearing fresh and Spring-like without being saccharin sweet.  I, for one, don’t want to paint my living room pastel pink (and I know my husband appreciates that I don’t).  But, I do think a hint of pastel goes a long way towards honoring the season.  Here they do it nicely with a touch of lilac.

As you know, when we find a room we love, we make it our mission to break it down.  This one was pretty easy.  With just a few clicks you can get some or all of the look you see here.  And, not a moment too soon since Spring has almost sprung.

Here is what we found.


Mill Large Globe Lantern

Sommerard Triple Arm Floor Lamp

Garden Stool

Slope Arm Sofa

Spike Coffee Table

Yves Side Table 

Claretta Rug

Luxe Wingback Chair

Fionn Pillow

Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow

Amethyst Textured Pillow

Eddy Tray 

Lula Vases


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