Break It Down: Julianne Moore’s West Village Townhouse

October 12, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

I have always been a fan of Julianne Moore, so I was excited to see her West Village townhouse profiled in Architectural Digest.  I was even more excited when they described her home as “normal” in a good way.  In fact, she got what I consider high praise when the writer described her space as having “engaging homeyness, that emerges seemingly without effort. . . .”  I am always striving to create spaces that make people feel comfortable without sacrificing style.  And, I couldn’t agree more that the townhouse strikes a wonderful balance here.  The velvet sofa creates an air of glamour, but the mixture of the piece with wood tones and leather, and a high pile rug makes the space warm and inviting. It looks like a room that would transition well from cocktail party to casual afternoon lounging with your feet up.

Of course, Architectural Digest is good at letting its readers shop their stories and this one is no exception. If money is no object, head over to the website and you’ll be able to recreate the room with a few clicks.

For those of us on a budget, however, using the Architectural Digest sources is probably not a viable option.  So we decided to try to create a similar look less and, viola, we were able to do it without breaking the bank.  Take a look at what we found.

It goes to show, if you are willing to hunt around a bit you can find some stylish, affordable pieces out there.  If you like the look, you can shop the links below.

Sources (clockwise from top left):

Smith Cabinet
Nelson Ball Pendant
Oliver Apartment Sofa
Caldwell Pouf Ottoman
Donatello Stool
Kasbah Rug 9×12
Flavio Lounge Chair
Free Edge Slab Coffee Table
Brass Tray
Ball Boxwood
Cylinder Task Floor Lamp


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