A Good Shelfie

May 26, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

I am looking for a little inspiration.  Soon, my office is going to move into a larger, multi-purpose room.  Because the room will be used for some entertaining, it needs to be guest-ready on a moment’s notice.  But, since it will also be a working space, it needs to be functional.  To achieve the best of both worlds – form and function – I have been thinking that it makes sense to add some beautiful and useful bookshelves.   Of course, that means I am looking for a little inspiration.

The problem with shelves is that it is hard to find spaces that work well and look beautiful.  Most of what I see these days is beautiful but decorative.  So, I decided to take a deep dive and search for shelves that offer the best of both worlds.  Here is what I have found so far.

Studio McGee

Image courtesy of Studio McGee

amber interiors

Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

Style By Emily Henderson

Image courtesy of Style By Emily Henderson

Domaine Home,jpg

Image courtesy of Domaine Home


Image courtesy of Houzz

the cottage market

Image courtesy of The Cottage Market

I think my search has done the trick.  I am inspired to create a really amazing shelfie.


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I don’t remember exactly where I found it, but this poster of Richard Diebenkorn’s “Ocean Park #54” hung in my bedroom for about ten years.  It followed me from my middle school days to my college apartment.  There was just something about it that I loved, and I still do.  Seeing the large-scale original many (many) years later at SFMOMA this week was very satisfying.  While I sometimes look back and wonder what I was thinking when I chose a piece of furniture a decade later, I appreciated the consistency in my admiration of his works.

The exhibition itself, Matisse | Diebenkorn, tells the story beautifully of Matisse’s influence on Diebenkorn’s work. From subject matter to color palettes, the side-by-side displays demonstrate Diebenkorn’s admiration of and inspiration from Matisse.

Here, a view of Notre Dame Cathedral from Matisse’s apartment window on the left, and Diebenkorn’s interpretation of Ingleside Terraces, where he lived in San Francisco.  (Side note, we went to the same high school.)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 7.46.29 AM

Representational paintings by Matisse (left) and Diebenkorn (right):

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 7.46.16 AM

Figurative paintings from Matisse (left) and Diebenkorn (right):

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 7.45.24 AM

The majority of the exhibit showed Diebenkorn’s work, which I greatly admired.  Ocean Park #54 is somewhat sentimental for me, and I loved seeing the grand scale of the other pieces in this series.  These two were stand-outs, but these images do not do them justice.  If you have the opportunity to see the exhibit before it ends this month, head down to SFMOMA and enjoy them in person.

Images courtesy of SFMOMA.

Rugs for Girls

May 22, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments

I have been on the hunt for a new rug for my daughter’s room.  She has had the same Serena & Lily dhurrie since she was a baby and, while it has served us well, it is more than a little bit beat up these days.  I feel good about the length of time we have been able to use the rug and I would like my next purchase to get my daughter through her next seven years.  Her room is hot pink and a pale turquoise currently, but I have a feeling she may move away from the combination as time goes on.

If we highlight the pinks, I love the Ava Dhurrie below.  With its neutral base and raspberry highlights, it would suit her well.

Ava Dhurrie

Ava Dhurrie

If we opt to highlight to turquoise, this border jute rug would do nicely.  And, I am thinking her love of turquoise might outlast her affinity for pink.

Border Jute Rug

Border Jute Rug

Ultimately, I am thinking a more neutral look might be in order.  It will give us the flexibility to change her color scheme without having to redecorate the room from top to bottom.  If we go this route, here are some great choices.

Diamond Grid Rug

Diamond Grid Rug

Venezia Trellis Rug

Venezia Trellis Rug

Stelo Neutral

Stelo Rug

My absolute favorite choice is the metallic hide below.  It would work well now for a seven year old but I think it would also transition well into the tween years.  Now I just have to convince her. . . .

Pella Cowhide

Pella Metallic Hide

Stores We Love: STUFF

May 18, 2017 by Ariana | 0 Comments


If you need a flea market fix and can’t wait until the first Sunday of the month to get to Alameda, we have the place for you.  I’ve been meaning to check out STUFF, in the Mission District, for awhile now and finally had the opportunity earlier this week.  It is a huge space — two floors comprising 17,000 square feet — filled with vintage modern goods. You can find nearly everything here– furniture, lighting, art, accessories, clothing, jewelry, records, etc. I came in with a specific goal and managed to get through in about an hour; however, I could have easily spent much more time delving into all the goods. Take a peek:


The top floor is ranged into vignettes from different vendors.  STUFF offers a wide variety of goods.  These are a few things that caught my eye…

Top photo courtesy of Stuff; remaining photos original to RevolvingDecor.com.

Top Three Summer Desserts

May 16, 2017 by Melissa | 0 Comments


My Food & Wine magazine recently arrived in the mail.  When I saw the berry Pavlova on the cover (recipe here), I started thinking about my favorite summer time desserts.  When the heat is on, I prefer something a bit lighter and typically fruit based.  Here are my three favorite summer-time desserts.

berry tiramisu

My all-time favorite summer dessert is a Mixed Berry Tiramisu recipe from Bon Appetit in 1993 (recipe here).  It is just the right mix of berries and cream and the ladyfingers lend it a bit of substance.  The raspberry liqueur doesn’t hurt either.  It is a bit of work but if you are looking for a crowd-pleaser, this is it.

lemon bars

Lemons have always evoked thoughts of summer for me.  During my childhood, my quintessential summer day always involved a lemonade stand.  As an adult, lemon bars bring back the nostalgia of summer.  Not too heavy and not too sweet, they are a perfect summer treat.  (Recipe here.)

Creme Brulee

While not fruit-based, creme brulee is a terrific end to a summer meal.  (Recipe here.)  The light custard is not too much for a warm summer night, and the carmelized sugar adds enough depth to the flavor to make the dessert interesting.