Be Our Guest – Creating A Welcoming Guest Bedroom and Guest Bathroom

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With the kids starting school, I have started thinking about the fall and winter seaons.  Before we know it the holidays will be upon us which means holiday guests will be arriving.  This year I am trying to get a jump-start on the planning.  Part of that is starting to think about how to make our guests feel comfortable when they stay in our guest room and bathroom.

guest room dresser chair

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Guest Bedroom

There are certain items that are necessities and there are certain items that are “luxuries,” but make your guests feel more at home.  I notice that when I travel (especially to friends’ homes) there are certain necessities I inevitably forget.  Typically those items include:  shampoo and conditioner, my toothbrush, or a hair dryer.  There are also certain things that friends include in their homes that make me feel like I’m staying in a five-star resort.  In the perfect guest room, the host tries to make sure that all the bases are covered.  What are the necessities?  A place to unpack, extra hangers, a full-length mirror, a place it sit (other than the bed), nice sheets, blankets and a duvet cover.  These are “no-brainers”; here are some great choices.

Slide11.  Campaign Dresser

2.  Hemnes Mirror

3.  Extra hangers 

4.  Oscar Chair  

5.  Border Duvet

6.  French Ring Sheet

decoholic coffee

Image courtesy of decoholic.com 

In addition to those necessities, it is nice to include certain amenities that are common place in a five star hotel.  These are things that don’t really require very much effort when you are hosting friends in your home.  For example, it is not difficult to equip your guest room with an iron and ironing board, a laundry basket for dirty clothes, or small coffee maker with a few mugs.  These little things, however, make your guests feel like you really care.  Here are our favorites.  


7.  Ironing Board 

8.  Iron   

9.  Laundry basket for dirty clothes

10.  Keurig, K10 Mini Plus Brewing System

11.  Hudson Grace Mugs

12.  Hudson Grace Water Glasses

Guest Bathroom

In the bathroom, if possible, create an oasis for your guests.  There is no doubt that a bathroom is part necessity, part luxury.  It is not hard to accomplish both.  For example, your guest bathroom is the perfect spot for those hotel size shampoos and sample cosmetics.  They are typically luxurious and if you put them in a beautiful glass jar or basket, it an easy way to help the guest who forgets these essentials. thestyleandcheek toiletry

There is no doubt that towels are necessary, but why not take it up a notch.  Find some nicer towels, a luxurious bathrobe, and a soothing candle to help your guests really feel like they are on vacation.


13.  Chevron Jacquard Bath Towels

14.  Turkish Hydro Cotton Bathrobe

15.  Nest Candle, Blue Garden

We can’t wait to use some of these ideas to get our guest quarters in shape this coming fall.  We would love to hear from you.  What other ideas have you found for making your guests feel more at home?


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