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March 6, 2018 by Melissa | 0 Comments

These days my Instagram and Pinterest feeds seem to be flooded with amazing shared work spaces.  Gone are the days of cramped cubicles and ugly partitions.  Shared workspaces are now clean, bright and they actually encourage collaboration and creativity.

Work Space

Collaborative Work Stations | RevolvingDecor.com

Image courtesy of Terzo Piano

Work stations that inspire creativity | RevolvingDecor.com

Image courtesy of Thatsitmag.com

Amazing Office Space | RevolvingDecor.com

Image courtesy of Laura Hammett

As I mentioned above, cubicles are a thing of the past.  Workstations are set out in long rows, either against a wall or facing each other, with very little segregation between spaces.  Despite the lack of privacy (which would take some getting used to) I love the feel of these spaces.  The beauty of the offices above would make me look forward to going to work each morning.

Meeting Space

Everlane Offices | RevovingDecor.com

Image courtesy of Everlane

Amazing Office | RevolvingDecor.com

Image courtesy of MyDomaine 

Amazing Office Space | RevolvingDecor.com

Image courtesy of Camille Styles

I also love the infusion of lounge and living spaces into offices.  In the past, sofas and lounge seating were reserved for reception areas.  Now, businesses are incorporating comfortable seating areas into meeting spaces that meant to be used by employees.

Image courtesy of Elements of Style

Amazing Work Spaces | RevolvingDecor.com

Image courtesy of Cupcakes & Cashmere

In addition to room to lounge, conference rooms are feeling more and more like dining spaces.  Gone are the days when offices were furnished only with “office” furniture.  The dining table has now crossed over to conference room appropriate.

Eating Space

Amazing Office Space | RevolvingDecor.com

Image courtesy of Waiting On Martha

Amazing Office Space | RevolvingDecor.com

Image Courtesy of Camille Styles 

I also think it is important not to underestimate the power of an amazing office kitchen.  Let’s face it, most people spend the majority of their lives working.  When you are spending that much time in a space, little things like bottled water and high-end coffee go a long way.

All of these trends point towards making an office space feel more like home.  In my opinion, part of what makes employees loyal is a feeling that they are valuable.  This movement towards amazing collaborative, home-y office spaces does precisely that.  If my office looked like one of the spaces above, I might never leave.  In fact, I might move in permanently.


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